Our Journey

Hi, I'm Steph, founder of SStuff. 

As a CrossFit enthusiast, I understand the pain and frustration you feel when your body aches from being over worked and how painful torn, callused hands can be!

What I put on my body to treat these symptoms is equally important to me as what I fuel my body with. Back in 2017, I was struggling to find natural chemical free products to support my body which led me to research and start creating my own. 

Fast forward to now! I have a range of organic products which supports fast healing and aid prevention for the roughest skin and aching bodies, all made right here in Western Australia. 


Our Mission

To provide a range of natural products that support troubled skin and body aches.

Our Vision

To become a household brand for resolving tough, cracked, calluses/ skin  and muscle aches and soreness that wears the brunt of daily life.

Our Values


in our ingredients and in our sales


a friendly face and smile behind the business


impacting lives by helping hands and skin